Cold Ions and Experimental Quantum Information

Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler, Dr. Rene Gerritsma, Dr. Ulrich Poschinger and PD Dr. Kilian Singer

In Quantum Information Processing, we utilize genuine quantum mechanical effects for novel, up to now inaccessible, physical applications. Superposition of states and entanglement enable the realization of Quantum Computers, transfer of secret information, simulation of complex matter states and improved physical measurements.

In our experiments, we study systems suitable for such future technologies and how to improve them.


Laserspectroscopy, Ion Traps and Applications
Antihydrogen and Antiproton Physics
Prof. J. Walz
Precision experiments with trapped and cooled ions
Prof. K. Blaum (now at MPIK Heidelberg)
Trace analysis of radiotoxic Isotopes
Dr. G. Passler
Laser-Resonance-Ionization for Spectroscopy and Selective Applications
PD Dr. K. Wendt


Atomic and Neutron Physics


Neutrino Mass and Detectors
Determination of the neutrino mass from tritium beta decay
Prof. E.W. Otten / Dr. J. Bonn
Prof. P. Egelhof


Ultracold Quantum Gases and Experimental Quantum Optics


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