European Conference on Trapped Ions

September 15-19, 2014

Schloss Waldthausen, Germany

Schloss Waldthausen 

The third European Conference on Trapped Ions will be held in Schloss Waldthausen in a forest near Mainz. This place is remote from the disturbances of a city, but still easy to reach from the center of Mainz and for international guests also very convenient to reach from the Frankfurt airport. We look forward to a stimulating week of presentations and discussions on current themes in ion-trap research. The International Advisory Committee will invite speakers, and according to the spirit of the conference participants are presenting their research in poster sessions. Conference themes include precision measurements and fundamental physics, frequency standards, quantum optics, quantum information, trap technology, spectroscopic techniques, and molecular ions and chemical reactions, following the successful tradition of the ECTI conference series.

» List of the confirmed invited speakers

Local Organizing Committee:

  • F. Schmidt-Kaler
  • K. Wendt 
  • R. Gerritsma
  • U. Poschinger 
  • K. Blaum
  • S. George
  • S. Sturm 

International Advisory Committee:

  • R. Blatt
  • M. Drewsen
  • P. Gill
  • J. Kluge
  • M. Knoop
  • D. Lucas
  • W. Nörtershäuser 
  • R. Ozeri
  • E. Peik
  • A. Retzker
  • P. Schmidt
  • D. Segal
  • E. Solano
  • S. Willitsch